How to install an Electrical Dimmer Switch?

Image If certain lights in your home make you cover or close your eyes?   Then you can opt to install a dimmer switch , they can make your home look more versatile by allowing you to dim your lights as per your need, providing a more comfortable environment to live in. Dimmer switches allow you to vary the lighting intensity by controlling the amount of voltage a fixture receives. Electronic dimmers use a special intelligent device called triac. A triac is a 3 terminal solid state electronic switch that turns power on and off up to 120 times per second. That speed might not be visible to your naked eye. But you need to be careful because not all lights adapt to such switches. For example if you are about to install dimmer switches on CFL or LEDs then you might be wasting your valuable time and money. So, call or visit our website G3 electric to get a perfect knowledge about dimmer switches or any electrical needs from our technical electricians. Below we will look up

5 Significant Things you should know about Home Electrical Panel

Image An electrical service panel has various synonyms to its name like a circuit breaker box and a load center, all of which refer to the same thing. They all include a metal box which is responsible for distributing the electricity power to different areas of your home. The job of the circuit breaker is to protect the wiring in each area of your house from an overloading situation. However, when it comes to your home electrical panel , there are certain things you must know about it. It is always good to have a basic knowledge of the functioning and the safety measures of your electrical equipment to safeguard yourself from any kind of emergency. You can even ask your electrical contractors for more details who will explain to you in a precise and brief way about the importance and the functioning of the electrical panel. 1.  The sole function of the circuit breaker box is to regulate the incoming power of your house and manage the outgoing power such that safety meas

Deck and Outlet Installation

Image Deck lighting is an important aspect of home decor. It helps to light up the entire surrounding and beautify the environment. If you have an outdoor space, deck lighting will complement its beauty. It can make your house appear more fascinating and attractive as it sparkles with light and warmth. This is an important project and holds great value for home decor and safety aspects.   You wouldn't want to spend money on something that does not satisfy your eyes and vibes to the fullest. G3 Electric understands how fashion and safety matter to our clients and that is why we have structured a team of highly professional technicians who are adequately certificated and acquainted with knowledge. There are various options present in the market that can improve both the safety and beatification model. Why opt for Outlet Installation? There are various reasons why you must opt for an Outlet installation . It can help to provide multi-purpose benefits from deck ligh

How to wire a hot tub?

Image When you plan to install a hot tub wiring in your backyard, make sure you appoint an experienced and certified electrician for this job. He needs to be familiar with building codes and wiring spa tubs for your guaranteed safety. Also, this work can take the help of two individuals and a professional crew must be present. You can always contact the as we specialize in providing highly qualified and certified technicians that excel in their field of work. We provide individuals well-rehearsed with the National Electrical Code of hot tub wiring. Let us now earn the installation process. Planning the location: When you decide to install a hot tub, you must decide on a suitable location for it such that wire safely runs from the panel into the hot tub through disconnect. It is always recommended to have your disconnect placed atleast5 feet away, adjacent to the hot tub. Our electricians are well equipped with proper knowledge of how the conduit and wir

How to install a chandelier?

Image Chandeliers enhance the appearance of your living room or any part of your home once installed. They are known for their versatility and uniqueness and adds a vintage vibe in your sweet home. But installing heavy chandelier can be a demanding job with caution and you could even require electrician help, so let all your worries go to G3 electric. We are one of the best electrical contracting companies in Canada providing all your electrical needs. Below we are providing detailed steps so that you can install your chandelier easily but it is always preferable to get an expert electrician help from G3 electric if you want to install heavy fixture in your home. (Turn off your power supply) · Find the electrical panel situated in your home · Turn off the power of the particular room where you wanted to install the chandelier. · As a precautionary measure turn on your light or fan to check your room has got no electricity. (Prepare your ceiling electrica

What is home automation and how does it work?

Image Home Automation simply means controlling your household appliances either with the internet or automatically with devices as per your needs. Due to the rise in technology and the internet of things these things can be made possible, which provides ease to a person to control their home appliances and many more things just with a touch of a button or with their voice. Home Automation can be simply described as the network of connected and controllable devices which are connected in unison so that they work together to make your home more comfortable, customized, efficient, and secure. You can simply sync your mobile or any smart devices with such a network and it will be automated with just a single touch. Before it was just limited to big corporate offices and luxury homes but to rise in IOT these things are now easily affordable to the normal public and the field keeps growing. Just call G3 ELECTRIC and get your home automation system installed in a day. The

Difference Between Overload and Short circuit

Image What is an Overload? Overloading means when the current flows into a circuit more than the capacity of components in the circuit to resist current. To ensure that the electrical conductors do not exceed the limit, a protective device, known as the circuit breaker is installed within the circuit with a current rating which matches the conductors. What is a short circuit? Short circuiting is when the electric current flows down the wrong or unintended path with little to no electrical resistance. This might cause heavy damage, fire or even small scale explosions. Difference Between Overload and Short Circuit: Short circuit and overload, in spite of similarities, are different from each other.   On the occurrence of a short circuit, the voltage at the point of the fault falls to zero and the current in the network increases abnormally to a higher value. But in the case of overload reduction in the terminal voltage of the equipment occurs but the voltage will